Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ramones Live in San Bernardino

The Ramones were one of the first punk rock groups, who formed in New York in 1974. In their 22 year career they performed 2263 concerts full of powerful, short, fast, and loud rock and roll songs. They became famous for exactly that; stripped back, simple rock and roll that was in direct conflict with the over the top progressive rock scene that was prevalent at the time of their formation. They were a major influence on many of the bands in the UK and US punk scenes, as well as many metal bands, though they never achieved a great deal of commercial success. However, recognition of the band has built over the years, and they are now cited in many assessments of all time great rock music.

Here is a live video bootleg of the Ramones at Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino, 3/9/1982. The performance is at the US Festival, a three day extravaganza that had hundreds of thousands of people in attendance and included many of the top bands at the time (The Ramones, The Police, The Kinks, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Fleetwood Mac). The Ramones performance is a professional shoot, captured by four cameras. The honorary Ramones producer Ed Stasium mixed the sound for this film that was intended to feature on a documentary about the festival, which was not released.



01. Do you remember Rock & Roll Radio?
02. Gimme Gimme shock Treatment
03. Rock & Roll High School
04. I Wanna be Sedated
05. Beat on the Brat
06. The KKK took my Baby away
07. Here today gone tomorrow
08. Chinese Rocks
09. Teenage Lobotomy - Promote Your Music

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